Payment, Shipping & Returns

Domestic carrier: Yamato
Standard Shipping 1 to 3 Business Days

Domestic Shipping Rates
Hokkaido, Kyushu: 1,160 yen
Tohoku, Kansai: 840 yen
Kanto, Chubu, Southern Tohoku: 740 yen
Chugoku: 950 yen
Shikoku: 1,050 yen
Okinawa: 1,260 yen

Cash on Delivery (domestic only)
By Yamato Takkyubin Collect service.
Additional CoD fee is charged as follows:
Less than 10,000yen : 324yen
10,000-29,999yen : 432yen
30,000-99,999yen : 648yen
100,000-300,000yen : 1,080yen

International deliveries:
Shipping methods: EMS (for all weights), SAL and surface (=SEA)

*We do not handle small packets of SAL and surface due to its no tracking number.

Lead time :
EMS: 2-7 business days
SAL: 6-15 business days
Surface(=SEA): 1-3 months

Service comparizon:
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SAL is available at the listed destination countries:
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You can check the shipping weight and rate with our shopping cart.

For shipping costs idea please check the Japan Post Web site:
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*EMS : Handling charge of 300yen/shipment will be automatically included in the shipping cost.

*SAL and surface : Sum of handling charge and insurance (up to JPY20,000) of JPY750/shipment will be automatically included in the shipping cost.

*Import duties if any will be at your own expense.

*Tracking number is available for all the above shipping methods.

*We recommend you to choose EMS service. Although the cost is higher than SAL and surface, it's very fast and it's said the risk is lower to be opened at the customs.

International orders: Credit card (Visa, Master, JCB only)

Domestic orders: Credit card, bank transfer, cash-on-delivery.
Please note there is an additional fee 324yen levied on cash-on-delivery payments by Yamato Transport.

If you wish to pay by direct bank transfer (domestic orders only!) our bank details are:
楽天銀行 ビート支店 普通口座 7026811
有限会社 ケイカンパニー

If you have any questions about payment or shipping issues, please contact
us: support@jugoya.com