Arisue Go Original Tenugui Ver.4 OZIZO Collaboration [Snake]

1,800 yen

Jugoya 10th anniversary project / Very limited number reproduced!

Second collaboration work with OZIZO, a super talented Japanese illustrator! As you know 2013 is a year of the snake. A snake, a bound lady & flowers are beautifully designed - "Flower and snake" so to say

This version is made with the highest quality material and the traditional printing process to fit the very beautiful illustration (better quality than previous versions).

OZIZO's website

As you can sense from some pictures, “sarugutsuwa” (gag) with “tenugui” (Japanese traditional hand towel) is one of the most favorite bits of Arisue.
Finally Jugoya have custom made our original tenugui! No other tenugui is designed to suit to sarugutsuwa purpose ;)
You can enjoy gagging your partner, or can display this seductive design tenugui on the wall as a part of your art collection, or of course you can wipe your hands or tableware as its original uses.

Design: Ozizo & Arisue GO Drawing: Ozizo
Available limited numbers only

*100% cotton
*Approx. 33cm x 90cm
*Both ends are not sewn as tenugui's standard. Frays will naturally stop during uses.

Sold Out
  • Model: TENU-4
  • Manufactured by: 十五や / JUGOYA