DVD: Arisue Go's Kinbaku Mind and Techniques 2 (Floor Works 1)

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This 2-discs DVD is the first tutorial one by Arisue Go.
In this DVD, we focus on learning "floor works (yukawaza)". We believe not a few kinbaku fans usually enjoy floor works more than suspension techniques.

There are three types of poses in floor works -- standing, sitting and lying.
In this volume we will study only sitting and lying. Standing is also popular but it will be covered in another volume.

From very basic gote shibari to agura shibari, you are able to learn particular points. With Arisue’s narration in Japanese, you will see English subtitles. This bilingual tutorial material is the first trial of its kind!

Outstanding feature of this DVD is, you are able to study with the corresponding book. With DVD, you can see Arisue’s movements which you could have not imagined from text books. Careful study and practice will dramatically improve your kinbaku skills.

Through a live performance, interview and photo gallery taken by Arisue, you are able to study both kinbaku “mind” and “techniques”.

Based on Arisue’s strong wish, this series is self-published by JUGOYA to get rid of porn taste. This pure tutorial material is what Arisue really wanted to make.
We believe this DVD should be “customs safe” for international shipments as no nude or porn shots are included.

CHAPTER 1: Upper Body Bindings
Gote Shibari, Gote Gasshou Shibari, Teppou Shibari, Hishi Shibari, Kami Shibari, etc.
Basic pattern and extended pattern respectively.

CHAPTER 2: Lower Body Bindings
Agura Shibari, Gote Gyaku Ebi Shibari, etc.

CHAPTER 3: Live Performance

CHAPTER 4: Interview and photo gallery


Kinbaku and Narration: Arisue Go
Color, Dolby
Format: NTSC or PAL
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English
Region Code: ALL
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Number of discs: 2
DVD Release Date: December, 2009
Run Time: Approx 110 minutes

*Although the title of this DVD is “Mind and Techniques 2” to correspond to the book, volume 1 DVD has not been released. In this volume 2 DVD, some part of quick run-through of volume 1 book is included.

*Autographed post card is included.

*About format
We have prepared this DVD in 2 formats, NTSC and PAL. Please choose the appropriate format for your country.

NTSC: United States, Japan
PAL: Most European countries, Australia, New Zealand

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