Colored (6mm/5m, 7m, 8m, 10m) [Black]

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This color-dyed kinbaku rope brings together the essence of ARISUE's more than 30 years experience and know-how and is exactly the same rope that ARISUE uses himself. The standard diameter is 6mm and the standard length is 7 meters.

ARISUE treats each piece of carefully selected jute rope. First, he removes oil from the raw material, burns the frayed stripes and then applies special wax in a process that takes a lot of time and effort. The rope is finished with JUGOYA's special treatment wax that provides a moist, gentle feeling without stickiness or greasiness.

The color rope goes through more processes than the natural rope and requires more effort to produce. Since we started personal sales in Tokyo this rope has become a very popular product! Out of JUGOYA's obsessiveness we carefully select the dye, which is as natural as possible, to realize these superb, delicate colors and a soft feeling. Normally rope becomes stiffer when it is dyed but we manage to keep the soft feeling using our know-how.

Each piece of rope is stopped with an end thread that matches the color of the rope.

We can recommend every color! You can wrap your body with your favorite color rope, or you can enjoy stylish kinbaku by combining various colors. It would give us a lot of pleasure if you can explore a new style of kinbaku with these ropes and your rich imagination. ARISUE recommends these original colored ropes with confidence. As we wish to provide real, high quality products to as many kinbaku lovers as possible, we offer this at a very reasonable price.

Your rope has a finite life but you can prolong its life by using JUGOYA special wax. By regularly treating it the rope evolves as if it were an extension of the kinbaku practioner's arms and hands, or a part of the kinbaku subject's body. Even with regular treatment the rope will eventually thin and when that happens we recommend you change it.

The color rope comes in a standard length of 7 meters and is 6mm diameter. Custom orders are available for different diameters and lengths. Please see details here.

*Color-dulling may happen from strong rubbing or usage on a sweaty body
*Color may differ from lot-to-lot
*End thread color may differ from the photo
*Please understand that the rop may get a little thicker when being treated to maintain the soft feeling. We use exactly the same raw material jute rope as the 6mm natural color version though.
*No volume discount for this color version. This requires a lot more processing and we only can make limited numbers. We provide the product at very reasonable price from single lengths instead.
*Please understand rope length may not be exactly 7m, but we guarantee at least this length.
*ARISUE's autograph included for the orders of 5 or more pieces

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  • Model: CL-BLA-6/7
  • Manufactured by: 十五や / JUGOYA

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