Arisue Go Original Furoshiki [Boar] Collabolation with Hiroko Ta

3,000 yen

Start to ship on January 21st

2019 oriental zodiac sign, dog & kinbaku furoshiki!
At eith year of our original furoshiki collention, Mrs. Hiroko Takahashi worked with us again. Please enjoy the gorgeous design with two bound ladies.
Mrs. Takahashi is a Hokkaido based artist, has been very active on her own exhibition of 12 times and many other joint exhibitions. Major motifs of her drawings are wolves, dragons and rocks.

Furoshiki is a square cloth which has been used in Japan to wrap & carry things.

This Jugoya original furoshiki is 70cm x 70cm, 100% polyester. You can wrap approx 10 lengths of ropes, or even you can use it as a scarf!

Limited number only.

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  • Model: FURO-BOAR
  • Manufactured by: 十五や / JUGOYA