Special Maintenance Wax

1,500 yen

Approx. 60ml.

After hundreds of trials we have finally perfected our formula for JUGOYA special maintenance wax and are now making it available! This is the wax that is used to treat all JUGOYA ropes. Carefully selected natural ingredients are used on a beeswax base in the production of this wax -- and it's even edible (although not very tasty!). Compared to the other oils usually used for kinbaku ropes, this wax gives a gentler, moister feel without greasiness. If you are buying JUGOYA ropes then you should have some of this wax to keep them in good condition and prolong their life.

One package of this wax is enough to treat about 10-25 standard ropes (6mm diameter, 7 meter). Spread a little of the wax on your palm then apply to the rope's surface. Make sure you don't use too much otherwise you may clog the surface of the rope. When you want to treat more thoroughly than usual please repeat the process a few times. Be careful when the weather is hot and it's easier to apply a thicker coat!

As the natural materials used in this product are very hard to obtain we can only produce limited quantities. Please note that we offer this product at a very reasonable price in single units so we cannot offer a volume or Roppongi kinbaku class discount.

*The wax color may differ from lot-to-lot. This is because the color of the beeswax changes from season to season or with the climate.

*Package may be dirrerent from the photo but the volume is the same (60ml).

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  • Model: WAX
  • Manufactured by: 十五や / JUGOYA